Magnetic Curtain Holdbacks – Magnaclips

Magnetic curtain holdbacks take the place of old style curtain tie-backs. These magnetic curtain holdbacks by Magnaclips add a decorative, contemporary look to your curtains. You can quickly and easily pull back your curtains during the day to let in more light. Easily change the look of the room simply by changing the position of the clips.


Magnetic Curtain Holdbacks

Super strong magnets - stay where you put them. Strong enough for a heavy black-out drapery. Easy to attach and release. No tools required. No installation means no holes in your walls. Many styles and colors to choose from.

The sound on this video isn't very good, but at least it should give you some idea as to how these little clips work. All of the reviews of magnetic curtain holdbacks that I have seen are very positive. Apparently the clips are strong enough to hold back even a heavy blackout drapery.

Solar Powered Motorized Shades

The New WireFree™ solar pack harnesses renewable solar energy to power WireFree™ motorized window coverings.  This latest innovation from Somfy sheds new light on WireFree™ motorized window coverings and offers a number of features:

Bullet - Arrow Blue Patented energy saving technology uses sunlight to power motorized window covering(s)
Bullet - Arrow Blue Maintenance-free solution that doesn’t require the use of an electrician
Bullet - Arrow Blue Convenient and cost effective-reduces battery replacement and preserves the environment
Bullet - Arrow Blue Low profile solar (photovoltaic) panel is discreet and easy to conceal


No wires, no maintenance, and the sunshine is free! Powered by Somfy.

Bamboo Roman Shades

These roman shades are pretty spectacular. Not only is the color of the bamboo so, so pretty and oh-so-natural... but black, velvet ribbon has been adhered to the shades to elongate the windows and add a bit of a graphic flare to the windows.

This blog post features several nice photos of bamboo roman shades. One of the fun things about blogs of this sort is that they provide the opportunity to see different window treatment applications without having to leave home.