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Tie Back Curtains
Tie Back Curtains

Is that old blind or shade looking a little rough?

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Frayed Lift Cords on a 2″ Wood Blind

wood blind with frayed string
Frayed String on a 2" Wood Blind

Yesterday, I replaced the lift cords on a 2" wood blind that had one broken string and another that was badly frayed and probably would have broken soon.
Restringing a wood blind is usually a bit of a yawner, but this one was kind of interesting because it illustrates a problem that is common with wood blinds and faux wood blinds.

Three blinds on one headrail.
This particular blind was from a large window that was almost 8 ft. wide. It was actually 3 wood blinds all on the same headrail.

You've probably seen windows like this. They usually have two smaller panes of glass on either end that can be opened or closed and one larger fixed pane in the center. A typical treatment involves 3 separate blinds, one for each pane. Breaking a big blind up into 3 smaller blinds reduces the size and weight of each individual blind making them more reliable and easier to operate.

The frayed and broken strings were all on the larger blind in the middle.
Even though the window covering had been split up into three smaller blinds, the larger of the 3 was still big enough to cause trouble.

These two photos show lift cords as they are routed through the holes in the bottom of the headrail. You can see the clear plastic inserts that are intended to protect the cords from the unfinished edges of the "route holes" that have been punched through the metal headrail.


Lift Cord on the Smaller Blind

This photo shows the lift cord for one of the smaller blinds. The cord is shown passing through the small round hole in the center of the headrail. The plastic insert is intact and doing its job of protecting the cord from the metal edge.


Lift Cord on the Larger Blind

This photo shows one of the lift cords for the larger center blind. You can see how normal daily usage and the weight of the blind has caused the cord to cut through the plastic insert. The lift cord is now rubbing against the metal edge of the route hole. This photo was taken after the frayed cord was replaced so you don't see any fraying - yet.

Why restring if the weakness is in the design?
The obvious solution would seem to be to replace that plastic insert, but it's usually not that easy. Parts availability is often an issue. Even if a replacement part is available it is likely to fail again for the same reason.

Though restringing is only a temporary fix, it does allow you to continue to use the blind while you plan for replacement.

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The Blinds Installer vs The Watchdog

The ever-vigilant watchdog.

One day last week I was scheduled to install some woven wood shades in a cabin in the Tahoe City area of Lake Tahoe.

I was told that a key would be left under the mat by the front door and I was to let myself in, install the shades, and then lock up again leaving the key under the mat where I had found it.

The neighborhood is an older area where some of the houses are identified by the lot numbers that were used before house numbers were assigned, some have the newer house numbers, and - just to keep things interesting - some have both. The numbers can jump around following no apparent pattern. It is quite possible to get confused and end up at the wrong house.

On this particular day everything seemed to go without a hitch. I was able to drive directly to a house that had the right number showing. The house was located on a corner lot as expected. Then I noticed the front door had no mat. Instead it had one of those metal grates that are often built into the porches in this area for the purpose of allowing people to easily clean the snow from their boots in the winter. There was a small piece of red fabric sticking out of the corner of the grate, and when I pulled on it up popped a key. I was in!

That's when I heard the dog.

Right on the other side of the front door was a very unhappy sounding dog. When I walked back off the porch to double check the house number the barking stopped, but every time I approached the door the dog would start in again letting me know that he really wanted to have me for lunch.

I tried to call the woman who sold the job in order to verify the details about the location of the house but all I got was her voicemail. I knocked on the door - nobody answered - except the dog.

Almost everything about the house seemed to fit the description I had been given. The number was right. It was a corner lot. There was no door mat, but there was a key. The house was supposed to be unoccupied, but there wasn't supposed to be a dog. Now what?

That's when I heard the neighbor laughing at me.

It turns out that a bear had recently broken into this house searching for food and in the process had caused quite a lot of damage. The owners, who are absent most of the time, had invested in an electronic watchdog that is triggered by anyone (or anything) approaching the front door.

I quickly unlocked the front door and stepped inside, mostly to escape the undisguised glee of the neighbor. There on the floor was a small speaker that continued to threaten me with dismemberment until I yanked it's power cord. The rest of the job was uneventful and the "dog" didn't bark at me again until I plugged it back in just as I was preparing to leave.

I don't know how well that gadget would work on a hungry bear, but it sure fooled me.